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throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
March 20Spring Equinox Celebration 1
March 21 Spring Equinox Celebration 2
March 22World Water Day
throughout month Personal Retreats only; guided available after April 21
April 6 Prayers for the Earth & for the People of the Earth
April 25-27Spring Cleanse
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
May 2-4The Fire Within: Women's Weekend Retreat
May 4 May Day Prayers for the Earth & for the People of the Earth
May 4Recycled Treasures: Spring Fling Away Fundraiser
May 23-26From Ruin to Renewal: Spring Work Weekend
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
June 1 Prayers for the Earth & for the People of the Earth
June 14-15In Solidarity with the Bees
June 20-21 Summer Solstice Gathering and Ceremony
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
July 4-6 Interdependence  Community Weekend
July 6 Prayers for the Earth & for the People of the Earth
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
August 228th Anniversary Celebration
August 3 Prayers for the Earth & for the People of the Earth
August 29-31 Labor Day Community Weekend 
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
September 7 Prayers for the Earth & for the People of the Earth
September 20Autumn Equinox at Starseed
September 22Autumnal Equinox
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
October 5  Prayers for the Earth & for the People of the Earth
October 11-12Starseed's 28th Anniversary:A Coming of Age Celebration
October 31-Nov. 2Healing for Healers
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
December 20-21CARE OF THE SOUL: A Solstice Retreat
December 21Opening to the Light: Winter Solstice & New Moon Ceremony



March 20     Spring Equinox Celebration 1
12:57EDT marks this moment of balance.
We come together in JOY to celebrate and honor life renewed within us and within the Earth.
Arrive at 12:00pm.
Healing Meditation 12:30 - 1:30pm.
1:30pm Potluck Vegetarian Lunch
After lunch don your boots and warm clothes as we head out onto the land to participate in an Earth and Water Healing Ceremony.
Your donations to support the Sanctuary are appreciated.
Please RVSP to 413-743-0417

This Equinox is a powerful time to send LOVE, LIGHT and HEALING to our beloved Earth.
The Earth is calling us to wake up and be present.

March 21     Spring Equinox Celebration 2
Call in the Spring!
Arrive at 5:30pm.
Healing Meditation for the Earth, the Water and the People of the Earth 6:00 - 7:00pm
7:00pm Vegetarian Potluck Feast followed by music and song. Bring your drums and other instruments and we use our voice and sounds to call in the Spring.
$10 Donation.
Please RVSP to 413-743-0417  

March 22     World Water Day
This Saturday marks the launch of a world wide, year long campaign to unify and heal the waters of our dear planet.  Both of our Equinox events are in preparation for this day.
Please find a water source and pray with it; love it; cherish it.
For more information about World Water Day visit
Watch the video HERE.

Starseed's Heal the Water Event: a Journey to the Stream
If you would like, you are very welcome to stay over after our Friday event to pray with us for the Water on Saturday after brunch. Weather permitting.
Potluck Vegetarian Brunch.
Bring boots, snowshoes and warm clothes as we will be walking to the stream.
$10 donation plus overnight fee of $45 for a shared room on Friday night.
Please RSVP to 413-743-0417 


April 25-27      Spring Cleanse
An experiential weekend offering tools and resources for cleansing and rejuvenating the whole body
plus the opportunity to try out a nourishing cleanse.

Your body is like a house. Actually, it is the temple you live in, and as such, it requires regular cleaning and, occasionally, a thorough "spring cleansing" to fully function.

Over time, the body builds up toxins from pesticides and other chemicals, pollution, over-indulgences, and body waste. The organs, liver, kidneys, and colon become overtaxed and need to rest and regenerate. The older we get the more wear and tear our bodies take and eventually loose energy and begin to break down. For optimal health and energy, there are many cleansing and detoxification programs that can restore the whole body.

This healing, cleansing retreat is for people at various levels of experience with cleansing. During this weekend you will have the opportunity to:

Enjoy live, nutritious foods and drinks, learning how to prepare them and creating your personal cleansing program;

  • Determine what kind of cleanse will work best for your body and your lifestyle;
  • Learn tools and techniques that clear, cleanse and tone the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies;
  • Reach a deeper understanding of how you can renew, heal, and rejuvenate your whole being.

This retreat is facilitated by Satyena Ananda who has been guiding and teaching cleansing and rejuvenation programs for over 30 years. Her journey in Holistic Education began when she created The Wholistic Program in Boston in 1978. This three-month program was revolutionary in that it allowed participants to go through all the stages of cleansing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This program dramatically changed people's lives. Currently, Satyena leads holistic workshops and guides personal retreats and tailored cleanses and transformational programs.

Space is limited to 6 participants. 
Cost: $300; includes room, organic foods and cleanse program. $100 deposit will hold your space. For more information and to register call Starseed at 413-743-0417.  


May 2-4     The Fire Within: Women's Retreat Weekend
Led by Joanne Lucia Sunny Avenue Arts Studio

"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames." ~Rumi

Clear your mind and rest your body and spirit. Take a moment to contemplate your path, relationships, obstacles and the choices you are making in your life. Through stillness, quiet contemplation and shared community you may find answers that were unknown to you. Insights and a deeper awareness may be discovered through journaling, meditation and introspective experiences in nature. Celebrate and honor your fire and passion.

For more details contact Joanne at 413 695-3312 or email

May 4     May Day Prayers for the Earth and for the People of the Earth
May day is one of our most favorite celebrations.
On this day we write our prayers for the Earth and the people of the Earth onto rainbow ribbons and ceremonially walk with them in the Peace Labyrinth. We commit our prayers to the land and to the winds, tying our ribbons on the Maypoles. Here they will fly until May Day of next year.
Potluck vegetarian lunch to follow ceremony.

May 4     Recycled Treasures: Spring Fling Away Fundraiser
Start your spring cleaning early! Release treasures you don't need or want but you think someone else would love. Support Starseed's growth while having fun perusing the gifted treasures.
Ways you can participate:

  •  Donate item(s) to Starseed for someone to purchase
  • Sell item(s) and donate 1/2 proceeds to Starseed
  •  Exchange item(s) with someone and make a donation to Starseed

Proceeds benefit Starseed.
You can bring your items before or on the day. Call for drop off. 413-743-0417

May 23-26     From Ruin to Renewal: Spring Work Weekend
Calling all available Helping Hands

We have some major projects that we plan to complete this spring through the power of community and many helping hands working together:
  • Veggie garden soil preparation and planting 
  • Installation of new garden fence 
  • Relocation and improvement of compost bins 
  • Preparation and planting of perennial beds - asparagus, raspberries, blackberries, and horseradish
  • Deconstruction of the fallen half of our barn
These are some ambitious goals, and a number of these projects are already underway.  We will be working on them throughout the month of May and invite you to join us for the final push Memorial Day weekend to bring these projects to completion.  

In addition to joining hands together to complete these projects, we also look forward to sharing time with each other and some delicious meals.  Please let us know if you can come and for which days you will be joining us.  If you would like to spend the night, we invite you to bring a tent or reserve a complimentary bed in the retreat house. Call 413-743-0417

Many thanks in advance and with expectation of great fun together.


June 14-15     In Solidarity with the Bees
Bees are vital participants in many ecosystems and we humans depend on bees to pollinate many of our food crops, but their numbers are declining dramatically. We invite you to a weekend of pledging our solidarity with bees and engaging in efforts that support our mutual flourishing.

Bees have been under assault due to human activity and should they leave the community of the living, we would find ourselves at a grave loss.

On Saturday, June 14th, three new bee hives will be arriving at Starseed. Between 11:00am - 12:00noon, we will have a ceremony to welcome them to the land and pledge our mutual support in co-existence with them. After the ceremony we will spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning/afternoon working on the Starseed gardens, cultivating and enhancing many of the favorite flowers of the bees.

Saturday evening we will share a potluck meal with nourishing foods from the earth, and then watch a documentary exploring what is happening to the bees and the causes for this. We have two great documentaries that we can choose from: either The Vanishing of the Bees or More Than Honey.

On Sunday, we could really use some help in the gardens for anyone who would enjoy volunteering their time for the day.

Please RSVP for this event and consider a donation of $20 or more to support the Sanctuary. If you would like to spend either Friday or Saturday night, beds are available in the retreat house for $50 per person per night, which includes a continental breakfast. 413-743-0417

June 20-21     Summer Solstice
We will begin this weekend with a potluck dinner on Friday night, followed by a bonfire in the Sacred Circle. We will be using drums and rhythm instruments.  We will hold a morning Solstice ceremony in the Labyrinth.  Book overnight accommodations and make a weekend retreat of it. RSVP to 413-743-0417


July 4-6     Interdependence Community Gathering

As things intensify on planet Earth, the only way forward is together.  

How can we strengthen our ties with one another, so that we may turn towards each other rather than on each other?

The nature of the web of life is - interconnectedness, interrelatedness, and interdependence. This is the fabric of our universe.  

We invite you to join us for a weekend of exploring our mutual interdependence with each other on this beautiful, breathing, planet Earth.

Please plan to arrive in the afternoon (3-6pm) to get settled into your room or set up your tent and walk the land.
Potluck dinner 6:30pm

SWAP - Sharing With Another Person
We will have an area where you can bring and exchange items with others.  This will go on all weekend long, and you are also invited to swap experiences with another - perhaps a song or a massage, etc.

Bon fire starts at 8:30pm in the sacred circle with music and storytelling.
Experience the story drum - we will weave a collective story as we pass the story drum around the circle.  Please bring other instruments as well.

Morning movement/meditation 8:00-9:00am
Breakfast 8:30-9:30am

Feeling and Experiencing Our Interconnectedness
Circle in the yurt 10:00am -12:00noon
As Craig Hamilton says, "we are always all interconnected and interrelated and interdependent."  What would it feel like to more consciously embrace this understanding and act from this place? We will spend this morning circle exploring this.

Potluck Lunch 12:30-2:00pm
Cooperative game or circle dance 2:00-3:00pm
Sanctuary Time 3:00- 5:30pm
Group cleaning of the Land of Good Intentions sanctuary and free time to hang out and explore the land.
Dinner 6:00-7:00pm

Sound Circle with Joa Agnello-Traista & Julian Traista
7:30 - 8:30pm
Be uplifted! Experience the healing powers of sound.
Using a variety of instruments, including singing bowls, guitar, harp, and voice, Joa and Julian will take us on an inner journey of the soul.
Joa and Julian are incredible musicians and sound healers and are the founders of Earth Song Farm in Chesterfield. They have an ongoing monthly sound circle.

Strawberry shortcake dessert social 8:30-9:30

Morning movement/meditation 8:00-9:00am
Breakfast 8:30-9:30am

Hubs of Amplification - Connecting with Healing Planetary Energy and Expanding It with Emily Sabino
10:00am - 12:00noon

Emily Sabino is an empathic healer, musician and artist.  This session will build on the 1993 Maharishi University Transcendental Meditation experiment in D.C. when dedicated mediators allegedly brought the crime rate down by focusing on peace over the course of several weeks.  This session will help participants to attune to healing planetary energy and act as a hub of amplification, beaming out a healing and positive signal to our surroundings.  You can find out more about Emily and the workshops she offers at

Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth
We will gather in the peace labyrinth and offer our prayers for the Earth and the people of the Earth.
Potluck Lunch 1:00pm

Come for a part or the entire weekend.

Rates for the full weekend:
This event is being offered on a sliding scale of $100-$150.  Some partial work exchanges are possible. Inquire about pricing for participating in only specific sessions or days.

Accommodation rates and options:
$25 per person, per night to camp
$50 per person, per night for a bed in a shared room in the retreat house.  Bring your own bedroll including linens and towels.
$100 per night, for a private room in Cricket Hollow (linens included)
$100 per night to rent the tiny house (linens included)

Friday dinner is potluck.  If you are spending the night, Starseed will provide a continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.  We will be collaborating for lunches: please bring a dish to share for either lunch on Saturday or lunch on Sunday.  Starseed will provide dinner and dessert on Saturday night.

Things to Bring:
Items for SWAP, walking shoes, work gloves, musical instruments, bug repellent, and a potluck dish for Friday dinner and Saturday or Sunday lunch.


August 2-3     A Weekend of Summer Magic and Abundance
Experience the magic and abundance of summer at Starseed with our annual auction, farm-to-table dinner, followed by music and stories around a bonfire. Sleep out under the stars and wake up to the songs of birds. Start your Sunday with gentle stretching in the yurt, followed by a delightful breakfast. Create prayer flags to display around the gardens. Join together in the Labyrinth for Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth. Gather for a delicious potluck lunch and sweet conversation.
Please note that we will be holding our annual anniversary on the weekend of October 10-12 (instead of in August) as Starseed's 28th birthday is on October 10.

Schedule of events
Saturday, August 2
Annual Starseed Auction: 2:00-3:30pm (see details below)
Farm-to-table dinner 6:30pm
    Four course meal: appetizer; salad; vegetarian entrée; dessert
Bonfire 8:30pm
    Story-telling and music: Experience the story drum; bring musical
    instruments and songs to share around the bonfire at the Sacred Circle.
Sunday, August 3
Farm-to-table breakfast: 9:00am
    Veggie frittata and blueberry muffins
Prayer flag making: 10:30am-12:00pm
    We will be putting our prayers onto cloth flags that we will hang around the     garden and blow in the wind all season long.
Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth: 12:00pm
Potluck lunch: 1:00pm

Saturday farm-to-table dinner + evening festivities $50
Sunday breakfast $15
Prayers for the Earth: By donation

Your choice of accommodations
Sleep under the stars/tenting: $25/person ($50 max per tent/family)
Shared room in the retreat house: $45/per person/night
Tiny House: $100/night

If you would like to participate in this event at a reduced cost, contact Satyena at 413-743-0417 about partial barter/work exchange opportunities.

Annual Auction
Saturday, August 2
Hear ye, hear ye.  Come one, come all, for the annual Starseed fundraising auction.  Let's raise some funds in support of the Sanctuary and have lots of fun doing it.  Your donations of items and services and your bids are of great support to the Sanctuary.  Receive beautiful items and services, give beautiful items and services.  Abundance for all. 

We greatly appreciate the donation of items and services.  Popular items in the past have included new or gently used items in good condition; works of art; sacred objects; musical instruments; household wares; jewelry; high end clothing; and services such as massage, coaching, tarot, and much more.  Donating a gift certificate for a service you offer, or an item is a wonderful way to support the Sanctuary. To drop off donation call Starseed at 413-743-0417.
Please email us a description of your item by July 30.

Please share the word and tell your friends to come and bid on some great things all in support of a wonderful place. 

We are looking for a volunteer to organize the auction items and services.  Please let us know if you can come to Starseed on Friday and Saturday to help. We will give you perks for your assistance.

August 29-31    Labor Day Community Weekend


September 6   Interpreting the Tarot:
Understanding the Intuitive Language of Cards

This interactive gathering will introduce participants to the history and esoteric meaning of the Tarot and how to use this divinatory art for Self-exploration and expansion of consciousness. The ancient symbolic archetypes of Tarot imagery illustrate profound and universal principles to accurately describe the energy of present, past and future realities. Revealing the insight underlying in the moment can produce spontaneous awareness, healing and growth. Presenter Bonnie Faith will use the Motherpeace deck, and other versions of Tarot. Bring any set of cards you wish or Motherpeace. We will be able to experiment with many kinds of decks. You are not required to bring a Tarot deck to participate.

About Bonnie Faith: "I have been an active spiritual student and conscious inner voyager since 1968, studying and practicing a variety of awareness enhancing and healing techniques. A professional astrologer, tarot reader and spiritual counselor since 1990, I also offer dream interpretation, past life regression, spiritual counseling, Healing Meditation Circles plus workshops and classes on a variety of spiritual subjects. I look forward to sharing this empowering and uplifting group experience with all who will gather in our circle. BLESSINGS TO ALL BEINGS!"

$100 advance registration, $110 at the door,
maximum of 12 participants, so please register early!
Call Bonnie at 617-492-3821 to register and Satyena Ananda at
413-743-0417 to arrange for overnight stays at Starseed. Bring something to share for a vegetarian potluck lunch.

September 20   Autumn Equinox at Starseed
This will be a co-creative ceremony. Using the element of Fire, we will release energy from the old paradigm. Using the model of "The Prayer Lodge", we will sit in circle in the yurt and offer our prayers in support of a radical shift to an environment that is safe and sustainable for all life.

Vegetarian Potluck Supper 5:00-6:00pm
Bonfire of Release 6:30-7:30pm
Healing Prayers Circle in Yurt 7:30-9:00pm

RSVP Now! 413-743-0417
Bring: Vegetarian potluck dish and whatever Spirit leads to bring for ceremony.
Donations requested in support of the Sanctuary.


October 10   Starseed's 28th Anniversary: A Coming of Age Celebration
With open hearts we invite you to join us for a powerful weekend of community, solidarity, deepening, and healing resonance.

Saturday, October 11: You are invited to come and enjoy the Sanctuary, starting at 2:00pm. We are in peak season. It is BEAUTIFUL! Come and hang out on the land with us!
6:00pm: Vegetarian Potluck Supper
8:00 - 10:00pm Co-creating music and song; watching the 20th anniversary slide show; 28 Points of Light - we will create a 28 point star with candles and prayers of gratitude
Sleepover $50 shared room, includes continental breakfast

Sunday, October 12:
8:00am Continental Breakfast for those who have stayed over
10:00am Healing Circle & Honoring of Indigenous Wisdom: getting in touch with our indigenous roots to mend the broken hoop of humanity's relationship with the circle of life.
12:00noon Ceremony to launch and anchor the energy for Starseed's Membership Program
1:00pm Garden-to-table Lunch provided by Starseed; musical accompaniment by Starseed supporters.

October 31 - November 2  Healing for Healers
This is the beginning of a series of weekends for healers to come together and co-create healing experiences. It is a time for you to "come away" and focus on what heals You. Give and receive. Rest. Rejuvenate. Share with other healers. Eat nourishing food. Come alive!
Call Satyena for more information. 413-743-0417.



December 20-21 - CARE OF THE SOUL: A Solstice Retreat
Saturday, Dec. 20 - Sunday, Dec. 21
This is a guided retreat and:
~ A time of soul reflection
~ A time to empty out and release
~ A time of inner and outer quiet

Arrival: 3:00 pm
Potluck Supper: 5:00 pm
Evening Guided Session: 7:00-9:00 pm
Continental Breakfast: 8:00-9:00 am
Morning Guided Session: 9:00-10:00 am
Inner Reflections: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Journaling * Meditation * Prayer * Nature Walk
Lunch: 12:00-1:00 pm
Closing: 2:00-3:00 pm
Solstice Ceremony to follow.

Cost: $160, includes program, breakfast and lunch and shared sleeping accommodations.
For more information, rates on a private room and/or additional nights call: 413-743-0417.
Register by Thursday, December 18.

December 21 - Opening to the Light: Winter Solstice & New Moon Ceremony
Sunday, Dec. 21, 3:00-9:00 pm

This ceremony will begin by acknowledging the darkest time of the year, for both the sun and the moon are in an alignment  of darkness and new light. We will also honor those parts inside of us that correspond to that darkness and new light.

Calling upon Great Spirit and all of our guides and protectors, we will use music, sound and movement to release blockages and obstacles from each of our 7 chakra energy centers.
When this release has taken place, in gratitude, we will enter a time of "communion" with one another where we will break bread and share wine; followed by a ceremonial meal of soup and bread.
As we hold the space between the beginning of the Solstice and the birth of the New Moon, we will bring the light of new beginnings into our 7 energy centers. Focusing on the 7 Layers of New Light and New Possibilities, we will welcome into our body and our being: * self love and devoted care to our body temple * healthy relationships * self-esteem * opening our hearts * speaking and living our truth * putting our beautiful ideas to work for good in the world * divine guidance and inspiration​ *

Arrival: 3:00 pm
Potluck hors d'oeuvres: 4:00-5:00pm
Ceremony begins: 5:30pm
  ~ Acknowledge the moment Winter Solstice begins: 6:03 pm
  ~ Communion & Communal Meal
  ~ Acknowledge the New Moon: 8:36 pm

Presented by Joanna Gabler & Satyena Ananda.

Cost: $35-$65 sliding scale 
Bring: hors d'oeuvres to share and musical instruments
This is a guided retreat and:


Please come and visit our beautiful Gentle Wind Gift Shop. We have a wonderful assortment of gifts that would make wonderful presents to give to yourself or to those you love. Choose from sacred objects, crystals and stones, jewlery, our Starseed cards, our incredible "christmas cookies", books, journals and many one of a kind items. The store is available during all programs.

If you want to stop by and have some tea and browse the store please call ahead and make sure someone will be available. You can call Satyena's house at 413-743-0417 or the Retreat House at 413 743-1289.

Remember that you are welcome to gift any of your special items to the gift shop which is in honor of Carol Cain. All proceeds support the Sanctuary.

Starseed Healing Sanctuary & Holistic Retreat Center
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