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throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
March 20Spring Equinox Gathering
March 20-22 Spring Equinox Renewal Retreat
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
April 24-26Men’s Circle Service Weekend
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
May 22-25Garden Party Work Weekend
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
June 20 SUMMER SOLSTICE: A Women's Sacred Journey into Sanctuary
June 21Spiritual Study Group
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
July 3-5 Interdependence  Community Weekend
July 24-26Big Love Work Weekend
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
August 1Annual Starseed FUNdraiser
August 2Prayers for the Earth and for the People of the Earth
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
September 4-6Labor Day Weekend
September 6Prayers for the Earth and for the People of the Earth
September 18-20Fall Equinox Weekend
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
December 12 Soul Mending, Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 13 Magic in December
December 21 Winter Solstice Sounds
New Year Events
December 31 - January 2 New Year Retreats at Starseed
January 2 Septic Fundraiser Gratitude Lunch
January 3 Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth



March 20     Spring Equinox: Seeding Intentions Ceremony & Celebration
5:30 - 10:00pm

This is a very powerful and cosmic day where the new moon, full solar eclipse and equinox are all on the same day.

Experience the power of spiritual journey!

During our ceremony we will be connecting with the energy of this Equinox to clarify, energize and enliven the very essence (seed) of that which we want to create and grow in our lives and in the world.

5:30pm Hors dourves
6:00pm Ceremony
7:30pm Vegetarian Potluck Supper
Live music to follow.

Bring a vegetarian potluck dish and bring instruments.

Suggested Donation: $15-$20

Sleepover fee: $50 per night for a shared room; $100 per night for a private room. 

For those who wish to deepen their preparation for this cosmic experience, you are welcome to arrive Thursday evening and sleep over to be present for the early morning events. There will be guided meditation/reflection time during the day.

RSVP to 

March 20-22     Spring Equinox Renewal Retreat
Are you weary from winter? Renew yourself with a weekend retreat. We will share nourishing and rejuvenating foods and drinks, sit it in circle to discuss the seeds we want to plant in our own lives, and have lots of time for rest and being on the land. Personal counseling or polarity sessions with Satyena are also available. Call 413-743-0417 or email today to reserve your spot with private or shared accommodations.


April 24-26      Men’s Circle Service Weekend
Calling all brothers. Join us in men’s circle and in service as we dismantle the Starseed barn. The weekend will begin at 12 noon on Friday April 24 (arrive when you can) with the lighting of a fire. This fire will burn for 48 hours as we deconstruct the barn – reclaiming wood that is still good, and returning the rest to the earth through fire. Evenings will be spent around the fire with men’s circles.
Please contact Joseph at for more information or to RSVP.


May 22-25     Garden Party Work Weekend
On this holiday weekend, join us for our major garden preparation and planting weekend. We will share good food and fellowship as we prepare the soil and plant this year’s seeds.


June 20     Summer Solstice: A Women's Sacred Journey into Sanctuary
Sponsored by Women of Spirit in the Berkshires
Saturday, June 20

In our multifaceted lives, sanctuary is the place where we take care of our soul and in taking care of our soul, our whole being is nourished.

Come nourish yourself! Join in a ceremony to honor our Mother Earth, to connect with her more deeply, and receive of her inspiration, nourishment and blessings. We will begin our journey in the labyrinth where we will hang prayer ribbons with our Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth. From there we will travel to the Medicine Wheel to connect with Mother Earth and all of our relations in the Seven Directions. Here we will open our energy centers, releasing blockages and energizing our alignment with Spirit. We will then travel to the Sanctuary of the Divine Mother to adorn this sanctuary with plants, stones, and feathers, sending our prayers deep into the heart of the Mother. As we receive her blessings, we will offer our gratitude through our voices as we sing, chant and tone. Following this, we will complete our ceremony in the yurt with music, sharing and prayers of gratitude. 

The event will be held from 2:00-4:30pm with a vegetarian potluck lunch from 12:30 - 1:30pm. Suggested donation is $20 - $25, but please give whatever speaks to you. If the weather is rain we will do ceremony indoors. This ceremony is facilitated by Satyena Ananda with guest musician JoAnne Spies.
Please bring vegetarian potluck lunch dish, instruments, skirt or long scarf for ceremony, plants, stones, and feathers to adorn the Sanctuary of the Divine Mother.

June 21     Spiritual Study Group on Summer Solstice
Sunday, June 21

We will gather on the Summer Solstice from 12:00noon - 5:00pm. This study group is currently open to all those are who are ready and willing to shift from ego to essence and to commit to an ongoing spiritual guidance and support circle.

For more information, contact Satyena at 413-743-0417.


July 3-5     Interdependence Community Gathering 
Join us for a weekend of exploring and celebrating our interdependence with each other as humans and with all life on this planet.

We are thrilled to announce that among a host of exciting program options, we will be joined by Amina Silk and Arif Leininger who will lead us in some Dances of Universal Peace and other beautiful offerings. Joseph and Aravinda will offer some Work That Reconnects practices and deep ecology work. Evenings will be spent around the fire telling stories and making music.

There is plenty of room for camping. Indoor sleeping space is limited, so if you would like to sleep inside, reserve your space early.

Overnights: $100 per night for a private room; $50 per person per night in a shared room; $25 per person per night for camping.

Meals: Friday dinner will be a potluck. The remaining meals will be lovingly orchestrated by Amina and Arif. Each person is asked to contribute $35 towards food costs, and food planning and preparation will be on a gift economy basis.

Program: This year’s program is also being offered on a gift economy basis whereby you choose how much you would like to pay to thank and support Starseed and facilitators. Gift economy will be a topic of discussion during the weekend.

Email Aravinda at to register.

July 24-26    Big Love Work Weekend
Celebrate Starseed and Lend Your Hands in Service, Your Hearts in Love!

Care of the sanctuary takes many hands!
Major projects will include: stacking this season’s cord wood, clearing fallen branches in the Land of Good Intentions and burning it up in the fire pit; cleaning the Infinity Sanctuary and Sai’s place; clearing saplings from the fields, and building raspberry trellises. Please join us in community as we tackle some of these big projects. Delicious meals will be prepared communally with bounty from the garden. You can also bring things to contribute.

Please RSVP to so that we know how many people to expect.  Beds in the retreat house are available for overnight stays, or bring a tent.


August 1     Annual Starseed FUNdraiser and Garden-to-Table Dinner

Please join us for a delicious Garden-to-Table Dinner featuring veggies from the Starseed gardens, berries from the land, and food from other local farms. This will be the kickoff for our major fundraising drive to replace the septic system. We have not yet received the estimates for this critical work, but know that this is a major undertaking. 

Tickets for the Garden-to-Table Dinner are on sliding scale of $50-$250.
You decide the amount of your gift. If you unable to attend, please consider sending a gift of any amount.

There will be a brief live auction and a small silent auction of unique gifts from the heart. If you have anything that qualifies, that you would like to donate, please contact

To RSVP and/or for more information, contact Satyena at 413-743-0417.

August 2     Prayers for the Earth and for the People of the Earth


September 4-6  Labor Day Weekend
Come for the weekend and hang out on the land.

September 6   Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth

September 18-20  Fall Equinox Weekend
This event will feature another Garden-to-Table Dinner and fundraising concert.




December 12 2pm Soul Mending, Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe
A Healing Ceremony for the World and for our Souls.
This is the third year people are gathering in West county to experience the Presence and Healing of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We and the World are in need of great healing!
All we have to do is heart-call and she will make her way through walls, across water and under mountains to make herself known, teaching, centering us in her spiritual outlook, comforting us, helping us to truly see. We will gather on this feast day to acknowledge the pain of the world, then through~ Conversation~Prayer~and Ceremony~ we will manifest through us healing for the World. When we commit ourselves to our own healing journey we affect the whole web of life.
Please RSVP 413 743 0417
If you plan to stay for supper and candle-lighting,
please bring a vegetarian potluck dish to share
Sliding scale donation $10-20

December 13 1-5pm Magic in December
Let's Create Magic Together!
Join us for a wonderful afternoon of Fun(d) raising, singing together (and alone if you dare) seasonal and christmas songs, music playing and story telling.

Bring a gift item or items that someone else will delight in and will be thrilled to receive as a gift. Find for yourself a gift or gifts that you will delight in and then in your great joy, we invite you to donate to Starseed as part of the fundraiser. This is our end of the year event to raise funds for the sanctuary. Consider giving a gift or money even if you can't come. Bring your voices, your songs, your music, your seasonal stories and finger-licking finger foods for all to delight in. We look forward to you having a great time and supporting the sanctuary.

December 21, 2-5pm Winter Solstice Sounds
Come and join us as we bring in the energies of the new solar year using our voices and other instruments. We will chant, sing and sound our love for the world we live in.
Please RSVP 413 743 0417
If you plan to stay for supper, please bring a vegetarian
potluck dish to share. Children are free.
Sliding scale donation $5-20


Thursday December 31 - Saturday January 2
New Years Retreat at Starseed
Bringing in the New Year with Intention, Clarity and Purpose

Saturday January 2, 2016
Septic Fundraiser Gratitude Lunch
~ Gratitude ~ Thank You ~ Lunch ~

Sunday, January 3, 2016 12 noon
Prayers for the Earth and the People of the Earth
Followed by potluck lunch


Please come and visit our beautiful Gentle Wind Gift Shop. We have a wonderful assortment of gifts that would make wonderful presents to give to yourself or to those you love. Choose from sacred objects, crystals and stones, jewlery, our Starseed cards, our incredible "christmas cookies", books, journals and many one of a kind items. The store is available during all programs.

If you want to stop by and have some tea and browse the store please call ahead and make sure someone will be available. You can call Satyena's house at 413-743-0417 or the Retreat House at 413 743-1289.

Remember that you are welcome to gift any of your special items to the gift shop which is in honor of Carol Cain. All proceeds support the Sanctuary.

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