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throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
March 20Spring Equinox Gathering
March 20-22 Spring Equinox Renewal Retreat
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
May 27-30Community Work Weekend
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
June 18 Women of Spirit Summer Solstice Retreat and Ceremony
June 20Summer Solstice Gathering
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
July 1-4 Interdependence  Community Weekend
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
August 6-7Annual Starseed FUNdraiser
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats
throughout month Personal & Guided Retreats





ONGOING      Replace the Starseed Septic System fundraiser
Last year our 22 year- old septic system failed and we were mandated by the state to put in a new system, an extensive and expensive system that could meet the needs of our residents and guests.  We had no choice or alternatives.  We found a contractor who was willing to take on the job and give us the most reasonable price. There were no funds available or access to conventional loans.  We did a direct appeal to our key supporters and through the power of community were able to raise two thirds of the cost.

The work began last October, and two thirds of the work was completed in the fall.  Now that spring is here, it’s time to complete the final third of the project.  We need to raise $10,000  to cover the remaining septic cost plus fees.

We are asking for your support to complete this system so that the Sanctuary can be fully operational again. 
Click HERE to watch our fundraising video and to contribute.
You can also contribute by mailing a check to Starseed at 672 Chapel Road, Savoy, MA 01256

Thank you! We are so deeply grateful for your support.

May 27-30     Community Work Weekend
We are gearing up for a HUGE community work weekend. Come for a few hours; stay for a few days – there is plenty of work to go around. We will be preparing the vegetable and flower gardens for planting and working on the grounds. The septic system work will be complete by this time, so we will be thinking of creative ways to re-landscape the impacted areas. We will be doing trail maintenance in the woods along the wetlands, as well as general sanctuary cleaning and removing saplings from the fields. Next winter’s cord wood is already being delivered and needs to be stacked. What an abundance of work to be done! And how fun it can be to do together!

Many hands make light the work and joyous the community.

Please contact us if you would be willing to be a team leader for a project area:
  • veggie garden prep and planting
  • flower garden prep and planting
  • sanctuary cleaning
  • trail maintenance
  • landscaping
  • field maintenance
  • wood stacking
  • food prep
Please contact us if you would like to sign up to work on some of these teams!

We are intending to have a tremendous amount of FUN!

Weather permitting, we will be merry-making with storytelling and music around the fire at night, or otherwise bring our revelry inside.

Meals will be prepared communally. Starseed will provide some main items, please bring foods to share.

Sleeping space in the retreat house is limited. RSVP right away if you would like a bed reserved for you. There will be unlimited camping space available.

RSVP to or 413-743-0417


June 20     Summer Solstice  Ceremony & Celebration

This year we will be gathering together on the land in sanctuary on the day and during the exact timing of the Solstice as well as the full moon in Sagittarius.  This is a very auspicious time to come together to deepen our experience with inner Spirit as well as mother earth and all of our relations. Come Join Us and invite your friends for this powerful and healing journey into Sanctuary.

Our journey together will be in three segments.  You are welcome to join in for all or part.

Time:  3-5 pm (Earth and Water)
In the first segment of our journey we will be experiencing the energies of earth as we travel to the Sanctuary of the Divine Mother and the energies of water as we enter into the forest and spend time at the stream.

Time: 5-7pm ( Air~Spirit)
In the second segment we will prepare for and enter into a ceremony which will include: making prayer ribbons, smudging with cleansing herbs, deep time in the peace labyrinth connecting with all of the energies, making music, speaking and singing our prayers and intentions for self, others and the earth, and connecting with people all over the earth at the exact time of the Solstice.

Time: 7-9:30 (Fire)
In the third segment we will share a vegetarian potluck meal and while our fires of digestion are burning we will travel to the medicine wheel to celebrate with a bonfire, drumming, storytelling and celebrating while watching the full moon rise.

This event will be held from 3:00pm until 9:30pm If you would like to come for all or part of this:
Please RSVP to 413-743-0417
Overnight accommodations are available in the retreat house Sunday or Monday nights. Call to reserve a space. 413 743-0417
The event will be held at:
Starseed Healing Sanctuary and Holistic Retreat Center, 672 Chapel Road, Savoy, MA 01256

Proceeds for this event will go to Starseed. Suggested donation is $20 - $30, but please give whatever speaks to you. If the weather is rain we will do ceremony indoors.

What to Bring: Vegetarian potluck dish, sunscreen, bug repellent, musical instruments, skirt or wrap around scarf for ceremony, long pants, light jacket for evening.


July 1-4     Interdependence Community Gathering 

Sing a new song, live a new story – songs and stories of interdependence!

For too many years we have been living a story of separation. It is time to come together and embrace our "interbeing".

Join us for a weekend of community sharing with one another. We will kick off the event with a gift circle and then the weekend will be co-created with people sharing their varied and beautiful gifts with each other: yoga; mediation; deep ecology practices; music; bonfires; dancing; time on the land.

Together we will tell a new story and sing a new song. We will be not only telling the new story around the fire at night, but also in our moment-to-moment interactions with one another: a new story of interdependence in all of our relationships. We will anchor our new song of peace and harmony with a musical journey through the sanctuary, making music in the woods, music in the yurt, and music in the various sanctuaries – song, flute, drum and more. We will bring both of our mother drums directly onto the earth and connect with the heartbeat of the mother through the power of the drum and the power of our intention for healing the web of life.

We will do some kind of a fun community work project together – possibly a rebuild of our outdoor cobb pizza oven. Come play in the clay and straw with us!

Indoor space is limited, so if you would like to sleep over, reserve a bed soon.  Outdoor space for camping is abundant.

We are asking for a contribution of $50-$100 per person per day to cover facilities usage and overhead. Additionally, bring food to prepare collaboratively.

Advance registration is required: email When you register please specify what meals you would like to contribute to.


August 6-7     Starseed's 30th Anniversary Celebratiom: An Aquarian Festival of Joy

This is a central event for the gathering of the extended Starseed community of friends who live far and wide as well as a calling for the arrival of the core community partners to live at Starseed.

We have some phenomenal musicians and dance leaders signed up to be with us and it is going to be a gathering of the kindred tribe.

It will also be the main celebration of Starseed’s 30th anniversary!

Included in the weekend celebration events will be a “thank you meal” for all contributors to the Replace the Starseed Septic System fundraiser.  If you contributed to this campaign, a seat at the table is reserved for you.
More details to come!

The event is currently being developed. We can use all of the help we can get. Let us know if you would like to be on the planning or organizing teams.






Please come and visit our beautiful Gentle Wind Gift Shop. We have a wonderful assortment of gifts that would make wonderful presents to give to yourself or to those you love. Choose from sacred objects, crystals and stones, jewlery, our Starseed cards, our incredible "christmas cookies", books, journals and many one of a kind items. The store is available during all programs.

If you want to stop by and have some tea and browse the store please call ahead and make sure someone will be available. You can call Satyena's house at 413-743-0417 or the Retreat House at 413 743-1289.

Remember that you are welcome to gift any of your special items to the gift shop which is in honor of Carol Cain. All proceeds support the Sanctuary.

Starseed Healing Sanctuary & Holistic Retreat Center
672 Chapel Rd. Savoy, MA 01256 | phone: (413) 743-0417